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Local City Partners

City governments play a critical role in ensuring a complete and accurate count in the U.S. Census. And with good reason. Cities are not only consumers of the data gathered in the census but also rely on census data for the distribution of billions of dollars in federal funding to critical community programs – programs that address poverty, hunger, homelessness, child care, emergency services and public safety.

Why Is the Census Important to Cities?

Many of the basic needs of cities and their communities rely on and benefit from a full and accurate census count. Reliable census data:

  • Determines our state and local political districts

  • Informs local decision-making processes – for both public and private entities

  • Determines how billions in federal funding for social programs is distributed in communities across the country

  • Illuminates the demographic composition of communities

  • Can determine the characterization of built structures for zoning and permitting processes

  • Defines the measurement of the success and outcomes of local programs or initiatives

  • Affects various municipal planning and services, including educational planning, procurement, provision of services, infrastructure planning, transportation planning, emergency preparedness, disaster relief and resiliency planning

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Why Are City Partners Important?

Your connection to the communities you serve will make a real difference in obtaining a complete count in the 2020 U.S. Census. Historically, certain populations have been hard to count, including members of racial and ethnic minority groups, households with children under age 5 and immigrants. A city’s role in reaching many of those hard-to-count individuals will assuredly have a positive and critical impact on the communities within its boundaries.

You can contact your regional census center (which is in Dallas) here:

Phone: 972-510-1800

How You Can Help

City involvement in getting the word out about the 2020 Census is vital to obtaining a full and accurate count. Here are some ideas for doing just that.

  • Raise awareness and educate all those within your city on the importance of the census through your city-run communication channels (including social media and website)

  • Engage with the Census Bureau, coordinate within city government and bring together community stakeholders early and often

  • As trusted representatives, city officials should use their positions to spread census awareness and educate

  • Involve your city through Complete Count Committees (CCC)

  • Promote census hiring by sharing the 2020 Census recruitment website:

  • Host informational events or invite Census Bureau staff to speak to your constituents

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